How to write Self Description in SSB Interview ?

How to write Self Description in SSB Interview ?

How to write Self Description (SD) in SSB Interview

How to write SD in SSB Interview: Self Description plays a very important role in your SSB Interview as it shows how well you know yourself and what your closed one’s think about you. As SSB is a personality based selection not knowledge based so it is very important to know about your own personality. What kind of person are you. Self introspection, taking help from parents, friends, teachers, colleagues shall help you a lot in improving yourself. This best way to introspect yourself is talking to yourself. Sitting alone in a room and asking yourself, what kind of person are you. A person is the best self judge and no one else could know him better than himself.

How to prepare SD for SSB Interview

Self Description is the last test of the psychological test battery. In this test some questions related to your personality are asked and you are required to write truthful and honest answers. The questions are as follows:

What is your parents opinion about you?

What is your friends/colleagues opinion about you?

What is your teachers/Superiors opinion about you?

What is your opinion about yourself?

What kind of person you want to become?

 You will get 15 min to complete this test. You have to write a paragraph for each question describing every opinion about yourself.You should prepare your self description well in advance before you go to SSB Interview. Read it daily to see if it actually fits your personality or not.

What is your Parents opinion about you?

It shows how much responsible are you towards your family and how do you help and support them in different situations. The best way to prepare for this section is ask your parent this question and see what kind of person you are. Write 3-4 positive qualities about you and 1-2 negative qualities which should not point on to your character. Read officer like qualities, inculcate them in your personality and put them in your self description test.

What is your friends opinion about you?

This opinion really matters a lot as it tell about how well you get with your friends, colleagues (if you are working). How lively and cheerful person are you. Ask your friends what do they think about you, are you a good friend or not. Improve yourself with time. Don’t ever try to prove yourself be natural as your are. Nobody is born perfect.

What is your Teachers/Superiors opinion about you?

It shows how sincere, responsible, obedient, disciplined you are, What is your image in front of the teachers/Superiors. How do you handle situations single handedly or with team. What is your participation skills, did you take any initiative in college or company where you work or not. Ask what they think about you and keep improving yourself with time. Keep yourself open to learning

What is your opinion about yourself?

Through this question your attitude towards life is checked, how well you know about yourself, how do you handle different situations in life what is your contribution towards your family, society and other people. Analyse yourself by talking to self and finding out what kind of person are you.  Be true to yourself because SSB assessors are very professional and they would come to know if you are bluffing them by writing fake qualities which you don’t possess. Improve yourself everyday.

What kind of person you would like to become?

Last, but not the least, from this question you would be conveying them that how flexible are you to change yourself if you get recommended. Are you rigid, or flexible and open to learning. What qualities you want to improve in yourself with time. Do you want to improve yourself with the time or not. Ask yourself, what are the things that you would like to improve in your personality and start practicing them regularly. First, become a good human being and SSB recommendation is at your doorstep.

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