How to tackle Personal Interview in SSB

How to tackle Personal Interview in SSB

SSB Personal Interview is the test of your heart. INTER-VIEW simply means looking the inner view of the Candidate. The interview is conducted by the senior and experienced officer of Armed Forces. While he interview you he visualizes whether you have the essential qualities to be trained to be as an Indian army officer. What you have done till now with regard to your basic educational qualifications from 10th to present level, your participation and achievements in extra curricular activities, your hobbies and interests, sports participation, your relation with your family, friends, teachers and society at large, your general awareness, subject knowledge and general knowledge and your physical and mental fortitude are important facets of his assessment. The interviewing officer gives you fair benefit for shortcomings academics or mistakes which you may have committed in your life. Don't hide anything and lie, making false pretenses is viewed negatively and is easily discernible.

Do's for the Personal Interview

Some basics things which a candidate must keep in mind while preparing for an interview are as under:-
  1. You must be appropriately appear for the interview.
  2. You should look smart, cheerful and enthusiastic.
  3. You must remain happy, calm and respond politely to the interviewing officer's questions.
  4. Your voice should be audible and clear, don't be too loud. Appear keen to speak and respond to questions asked.
  5. Sit straight and comfortably, don't make restlessness movements, do not keep moving your hands and legs.
  6. Acknowledge questions being asked to you by gently nodding your head and maintain eye contact throughout.
  7. If you have not understood any question, politely ask for a clarification or to repeat the question.
  8. You must be clear about facts and figures regarding your bio data, marks obtained, ranking in competitive exams, dates, names of school and colleges you have studied, teachers and friends name etc. Avoid stating "I do not remember" or say as far as i know.
  9. The Interviewing Officer asks many questions in one go. Try and remember all these questions and attempt to answer them in the same sequence as he asked. If you fail to recollect all questions, finish those you remember and then request to clarify for anything, left out.
  10. You should be aware about  general knowledge for the interview. You should know the current events, if asked.
  11. You must have adequate technical knowledge about your hobbies, interest and games you play. Interview Officer would ask you some questions on these.
  12. While waiting for interview read  newspapers and journals available in waiting room, Interviewing Officer will ask you questions on this
  13. You should remain relaxed and at ease throughout the interview process.
  14. You should listen to complete questions before attempting to reply.
  15. Be precise and to the point, don't be verbose.
  16. You should be truthful and honest while replying to questions.

Things you should not do during your Personal Interview

  1. You should not dress untidy.
  2. Don't be under stress during the interview process.
  3. Don't discuss the questions with other candidate asked by interviewing officer.
  4. Don't lie,bluff or put up a false pretense.
  5. If you are well read it is an advantage. But, don't pretend to have read books/magazines and newspapers which you have only heard of.
  6. Don't reply as has been told to you by other candidates interviewed before you.  Those  questions may have had a different perspective.
  7. Don't do guess work. It is better to say politely I don't know, sir, I shall find out".
  8. Don't be rigid, argumentative, overbearing, complacent and stiff, during the interview.
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