How to join Para and Para (Special Forces) of Indian Army

How to join Para and Para (Special Forces) of Indian Army

How to join Para and Para (Special Forces) of Indian Army

Parachute Regiment of Indian Army consists of PARA and PARA (Special Forces) Battalions, which are the elite volunteer force. The Indian Army Regiment has the honor of being conferred the distinction of  ‘Bravest of the Brave’. The Indian Army Regiment has already been awarded 08 Ashok Chakras (AC), 11 Maha Vir Chakras(MVC), 21 Kirti Chakras(KC), 106 Shaurya Chakras(SC), 63 Vir Chakras(VC) and 491 Sena Medals(SM) and the list continues to grow till now.

What is the Job Profile of PARA and PARA (Special Forces) soldier

During operations or counter insurgency (CI), soldiers of PARA and PARA (SF) Regiments are assigned with the tasks, of special nature which demand very high standards of physical and mental fitness. Soldiers as per the training at the respective battalions after clearing their probation and based on their aptitude, they may undergo specialization training in any of the following :-

  • Free Fall Combat
  • Under Water Diving.
  • Paramotor Pilot.
  • IGLA and A/Tk Missile Pilot.
  • Rock Craft and Ice Craft.

Elite Status to the Para and Para (Special Forces) of Indian Army. The Paratroopers of Indian Army by virtue of the tough selection, rigorous training and continuous deployment in Counter Insurgent area are given the elite status in the whole organisation. They wear maroon beret  which distinguishes them from the rest and is a recognition of the ELITE across all armies of the world.

Benefits for PARA and PARA(Special Forces).

Monetary Benefits for the Indian Army PARA and PARA(Special Forces) regiments. Compared to standard Indian Army allowances which are authorized depending on the sector where an individual serves, a soldier of Sepoy rank in the Special Forces unit will get Rs. 17,300/- P/M as Special Forces Allowance and Rs. 6000/- P/M in Para Battalion as Para Pay. They also get exposure with Foreign Armies in different military exercises. An Officer and Soldier being in the PARA/ PARA (SF),generally an individual gets an exposure of serving / training with foreign Armies.

A fully trained Soldier in PARA Regiment of Indian Army, has a sound working knowledge and advanced knowledge on one or more of the following
skills :-

  • Demolitions
  • First Aid & Trauma Management
  • Communication 
  • Combat Survival
  • Weapon including Sniping 
  • Unarmed Combat skills & PTKE (A Philippians Martial Art)
  • Language and Cultural Skills
Selection Process for Recruitment into PARA Regiment of Indian Army

1. The Candidates  attaining 100% marks in Physical Fitness tests and 50% marks in Written Test and comes in merit will be given an option of joining the ELITE PARA Regt by Army Recruitng Offices (AROs) just prior to their despatch. These volunteers candidates will be subjected to additional tests for selection for PARA Regt of Indian Amry.

2. The Candidates who have made decision of joining the PARA Regt will have the assurance of joining the already allotted Parent Regiment if they fail to qualify in the special screening tests for PARA Regiment.

(c) Volunteers  candidates  selection will be subjected to special tests as stated below :
(Candidates have to achieve these standards to qualify)

Physical Test
5 Km Run       20 Mins
Chin Up          14
Push Up          40 reps in 1 Min
Sit Up              80 reps in 2 Mins
Mtr Shuttle     17 times in 01 Min

These are broad guidelines by Indian Army website and will be refined once the process is set into motion. 

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    1. First you have to be a part of Indian Army. And Nationality should be Indian.... You can join Army as a Soldier or As a officer... By giving CDS Exam !!!! Afterwards you can opt for Para..

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