Indian Army Physical fitness test for JCO | OR Enrollment

Indian Army Physical Fitness Test For JCO/OR Enrollment

Indian Army offers brilliant career for the young individual who wants to serve the nation. Every year 30-35 lakh individuals take part in the recruitment rally of Indian Army. It offers opportunities full of diverse challenges, adventures, handsome salary sports, sacrifice and distinctive career to serve the nation, handsome salary, adventure, sports, altruism, sacrifice and no end to this.

For the enrollment of JCO/OR in Indian Army following Physical Fitness Tests carrying 100 marks are held:
  • 1.6 Km Run.
  • Pull Ups
  • Balance rod
  • 9 Feet Ditch.

Marking Scheme for the above Physical Test is as follows

1.6 Km Run For all Categories.

S.NoTimings to complete the RunGroupMarks
aUnder 5 Mins 30 SecsGroup-I60 Marks Awarded
bFrom 5 Mins 31 Secs to 5 Mins to 45 SecsGroup-II48 Marks Awarded
cAbove 5 Mins 45 SecsFail
dProvisions for Extra Time for 1.6 Km Run for Hilly Terrain Candidates
 Btw 5000 Feet to 9000 Feet - Add 30 Secs to all timings.
 Btw 9000 Feet to 12000 Feet - Add 120 Secs to all timings.

2. Pull Ups.

a10 and above40 Marks Awarded
b933 Marks Awarded
c827 Marks Awarded
d721 Marks Awarded
e616 Marks Awarded
3. Balance. Candidate should qualify and no marks are awarded for this task
4. 9 Feet Ditch. Candidate should qualify and no marks are awarded for this task
5. 1.6 Km Run.
(a) Candidate up to 30 yrs of Age 
(i) Up to 5 Min 45 Secs - Have to qualify
(b) Candidate beyond 30 yrs of Age
(i) Up to 6 Min 30 Secs - Have to qualify
(C) Provision for extra time to Candidates from hilly terrain area for 1.6 KM 
(i) Up to 5000 ft as above
(ii) Btw 5000 to 9000 ft - Extra 30 secs to all timings
(ii) Btw 9000 to 12000 ft - Extra120 secs to all timings

For Recruitment of Women Military Police Only

1. 1.6 Km Run for Women Candidates

S NoTimingsGroupMarks
(i)Under 7 Mins 30 Secs Group-I60 Marks
(ii)Under 8 Mins Group-II48 Marks
(iii)Above 8 Mins 
2. Female Candidate needs to qualify Long Jump of 10 Feet.
3. Female Candidate needs to qualify High Jump 3 Feet.

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