General Knowledge Quiz for CDS & CAPF : 23rd JULY

General Knowledge Quiz for CDS & CAPF : 23rd JULY

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on General Knowledge questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF, and other Defence Examinations.

Q1.During India’s freedom struggle, which one of the following led to the first ‘All India Hartal’?
(a) Protest against Rowlatt Act
(b) Protest against Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre
(c) Trial of Mahatma Gandhi
(d) Arrival of Simon Commission

Q2. The inquiry Committee on Jallianwala Bagh incident was headed by-
(a) Dyer
(b) Irwin
(c) Hunter
(d) Simon

Q3.What causes the wind to deflect towards left in the Southern Hemisphere?
(a) Temperature
(b) Magnetic Field
(c) Rotation of Earth
(d) Pressure

Q4. Consider the following pairs
1. Limboo (Limbu )        :  Sikkim
2. Karbi                           : Himachal Pradesh
3. Dongaria Kondh         :  Odisha
4. Bonda                   : Tamil Nadu
Which of the above pairs are correctly matched? 
(a) 1, and 3
(b) 2 and 4
(c) 1, 3 and 4
(d) All of these

Q5. Which one of the following is a plant hormone? 
(a) Insulin
(b) Thyroxine
(c) Estrogen
(d) Cytokinin

Q6. Lorenz curve shows
(a) Inflation
(b) Unemployment
(c) Income distribution
(d) Poverty

Q7. In its reaction with silver nitrate, C2H2 shows -
(a) oxidising property
(b) reducing property
(c) basic property
(d) acidic property

Q8. Which law of the thermodynamics introduces the concept of entropy?
(a) Second law
(b) Zeroth law
(c) Third law
(d) First law

Q9. Leptospirosis is a disease caused by
(a) Virus
(b) Fungus
(c) Protozoa
(d) None

Q10. Cod liver oil from fish is rich in which vitamin?
(a) Vitamin K
(b) Vitamin D
(c) Vitamin C
(d) Vitamin B

S1. Ans.(a)
Sol. First, all India hartal on April 6, was a "hartal" organised where Indians would suspend all business and fast as a sign of their opposition and civil disobedience would be offered against specific law. This event is known as the Rowlatt Satyagraha.

Sol. The British Government established a committee headed by Lord Hunter a Senator of the “College of justice of Scotland” to enquire on Jallianwala Bagh incident. This committee had seven members having four British and three Indians.

S3. Ans.(c)
Sol. The force, called the "Coriolis effect," causes the direction of winds and ocean currents to be deflected. In the Northern Hemisphere, wind and currents are deflected toward the right, in the Southern Hemisphere they are deflected to the left.

S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. Karbi-are one of the major indigenous ethnic tribe in Northeast India and especially in the hill areas of Assam. Odisha has many tribal communities and Bonda tribals are one of them.

S5. Ans.(d)
Sol. The plant hormones are generally classified into five groups,
These are :
(i) Abscisic acid (ii) Auxins
(iii) Cytokinins (iv) Ethylene
(v) Gibberellins

S6. Ans.(c)
Sol. The Lorenz curve is a graphical representation of income inequality or wealth inequality developed by American economist Max Lorenz in 1905.

S7. Ans.(d)
Sol. Silver nitrate reacts with acetylene to produce silver acetylide and hydrogen chloride.
2AgNO3 + C2H2 → Ag2C2 + 2HNO3. Hence, C2H2 shows the acidic property.

S8. Ans.(a)
Sol. The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time.

S9. Ans.(d)
Sol. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. It is caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira.

S10. Ans.(b)
Sol. Cod Liver Oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids and also provide an excellent source of vitamins A & D.


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