Time To Think: 13th May 2019

Time To Think: 13th May 2019

Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing

What is discipline! ,अनुशासन, It actually means self-control, the power to control yourself. It is the one crucial attribute that you need to be the best in everything that you do with the right attitude and mindset to realize your goals.

Those who understand the true essence of this word "Discipline" are the ones who are focused on themselves, their goals. It focuses your mind on what to do. Discipline is more of thinking and reasoning that shapes your thought and eventually your action. It gives you the direction as to where you want to proceed. 

When you have self-discipline, you can control your emotions, impulses and behaviour. You do not easily give in to pleasure or immediate gratifications that will compromise long term fulfilment.

But it isn’t something that could be attained overnight. It happens all throughout the different periods of your life, you need to constantly develop self-discipline. Knowing yourself is the key to having stronger discipline. 

Those who are self-disciplined they strive for their goal and keep moving forward relentlessly without getting diverted.  

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