Respond... Don't React !!!

Said a wise man once or maybe not but whosoever did, I’d like to point out that truer words have not been spoken. Have you really given a thought about how you respond to different situations that occur in your daily life? Let me tell you many don’t and carry on with their lives. Overlooking this can affect your lives drastically. It’ll hamper your relations with your peers and family and more importantly it’ll deteriorate your interpersonal skills and shed bad light on your moral character.
Whenever a problem or a situation comes up people generally react instantaneously and don’t think before responding. It’s really instinctive and in the heat of the moment they tackle the situation in a way which is more emotionally driven. However this is a best case scenario for a crisis situation at hand but other than those it’s really important how you approach the situation. A reaction is typically quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive. A response is well thought out, calm, non-threatening and allows for assertiveness without aggression.

How to Respond rather than Reacting?

Let’s take an example, suppose you’re having a discussion with your friends and one of them says something that you don’t agree to and instantly counter by saying something which you shouldn’t have, which further creates tension between the group. Rather than blatantly countering take a pause and think. Otherwise you’ll just make an aggressive comment and disbalance the group dynamics. Don’t let your emotions cloud your rationality. Taking a pause will let your impulsive emotions to cool down and lead you to think in a more logical way. It’ll help you to politely acknowledge the situation and come up with a constructive statement which keeps the group dynamics intact.
Just keeping a level head and not going with the emotional flow will help you to overcome your impulsiveness to react and rather help you to respond in an efficient and effective way. Moreover doing this will not strain your relationships with your family or peers and you’ll continue to have a good moral conduct.


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