GTO Tasks in Services Selection Board: Group Discussion

GTO Tasks in Services Selection Board: Group Discussion

GD is the 1st task that is conducted as a part of the GTO testing series. It is conducted on GTO Day 1. It’s a knowledge as well as a communication-based task. It assesses the candidate’s qualities of co-operation and how he/she behaves in a group.

Key aspects of GD
  • Time Duration: 40 minutes approx. (20 minutes each for a Group Discussion)
  • 2 Group Discussions will be conducted. The First Group Discussion is usually of a debatable topic and the Second Group Discussion is usually of a social issue.
  • In the First Group Discussion, 2 topics will be given by the GTO out of which the candidates have to choose one topic. 1 minute will be given to the group to decide the topic.
  • In the Second Group Discussion, the GTO will give the topic for the discussion.

Key points to remember during GD
  • First and foremost creating a ‘Fish Market’ situation doesn’t lead to anything and mostly goes against the group. Limit the chatter and focus on contributing more to the group discussion effectively.
  • Learn the art of appreciation and give compliments to the candidates who’ve given good points. Learn the art of inclusion and give a chance to the candidates who’ve not spoken yet.
  • Select the topic of the first GD carefully. Select a topic which has a lot of depth and content. This makes it easier to get more points and keeps the discussion going and it also ensures that each member of the group can contribute as well.
  • Don’t worry if your topic of choice wasn’t selected by the group, you can still do good and draw inference from the points given by other candidates during the GD.
  • Having knowledge and a good command over the language gives you an edge in this task, but it’s of no good use if you cannot get your views across the group effectively and don’t encourage the group to work in a co-operative manner.
  • Speaking twice or thrice is more than sufficient. Do not take over the GD and let everyone have their say. Moderate the GD if you can and remind everyone about the decorum to be followed. If people are drifting away from the topic of the GD, do make it a point to remind everyone to come back to the topic.
  • Take criticism positively if someone doesn’t agree with your views. Don’t ever argue. If someone doesn’t agree to your points try again to put forward your point more logically, if it still doesn’t work out then move on and continue with the discussion.
  • Address the group and not a single candidate or the GTO. Don’t ever look at the GTO as it shows as an attention seeking behaviour. Interact with each member of the group.

GD is an important task as it shows the GTO about your ability to perform in a group and how you co-operate with different people. Please do keep on practicing on your communication skills and keep reading about current affairs. Improve your general awareness and knowledge about social issues. 

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