Daily Vocabulary for Defence Exams: 4th May 2019

Daily Vocabulary for Defence Exams: 4th May 2019


Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. In the recently concluded Defence Exams, we witnessed that a major part of the exam was based on vocabulary. Many questions were vocab based and we can expect the same in the upcoming exams. It becomes very important to learn ample amount of words for the upcoming Government Job Exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word List . Here is a list of words from daily Editorials. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list.

1. Blitzkrieg:(Noun) : तूफ़ानी युद्ध
Meaning:- a sudden and overwhelming military attack, A fast and powerful effort
Synonyms: Blitz, barrage, bombardment, cannonade, drumfire, flurry, fusillade
Antonyms: defensive, opposition, resistance, protection, security, shelter.
Sentence:- Balakot camps was bombarded with a blitzkrieg by the IAF which ripe out the terror camps.

2. Contrition:(Noun) : पछतावा
Meaning:- the state of feeling sorry for bad behaviour: the state of repentance.
Synonyms: contriteness, guilt, penitence, regret, remorse, repentance
Antonyms:-impenitence, remorselessness
Sentence:- The defendant pled guilty to the crime and expressed heartfelt contrition for the things he had done.

3. Atrabilious (Adjective) : उदास
Meaning: given or marked by melancholy
Synonyms: Doleful, Lugubrious, discontent, discouraged, rueful, despondent, miserable, morose
Antonyms: placid, easygoing
Sentence:- Since my friend has a atrabilious temper I don’t approach him often.

4. Plaintive (Adjective) : दर्दनाक
Meaning: expressing suffering or sadness, sounding sad and mournful.
Synonym: aching, agonized, bitter, mournful, sad, wistful, doleful, pathetic, pitiful, piteous, melancholy, lamentable
Antonym: delighted, exulting, glorying, happy, joyful, rejoicing, triumphant, jocus, blithesome, euphoric.
Sentence:- We could hear the plaintive cry of the wounded animal in the woods.

5. Plagiarize (Adjective) : किसी अन्य के विचारों का प्रयोग करना
Meaning: to use the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words or ideas.
Synonym: infringe the copyright of, pirate, steal, poach, borrow,
Sentence: The music director was fined for plagiarising the theme of the song.

6. Piquant (Adjective) : सरस
Meaning: having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavour., pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.
Synonym: poignant, intriguing, stimulating, interesting, fascinating, zesty
Antonym: bland, insipid, dull, zestless, insipid
Sentence:- Gobblezz restaurant have a secret piquant sauce that makes the dish scrumptious.

7. Taciturn(Adjective) : अल्पभाषी
Meaning: tending to be quiet, not speaking frequently.
Synonym: closemouthed, laconic, untalkative, uncommunicative, reticent, reserved.
Antonym: chatty, garrulous, blabby, talkative, loquacious
Sentence: He is somewhat taciturn young man.

8. Inculcate(Verb) : मनोगत करना
Meaning: to cause (something) to be learned by (someone) by repeating it again and again, to teach and impress by frequent repetitions and admonitions.
Synonym: endue, ingrain, infuse, impress, imprint, introduce
Antonym: deprive, divest, eliminate, remove, take away
Sentence: The candidates are inculcated with the good habits and the importance of discipline in their training period.

9. Scurrilous (Adjective) : मिथ्या
Meaning: Making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation.
Synonym: abusive, vituperative, derogatory, disparaging
Antonym: clean, decent, moral, deferential, tempered
Sentence: There were scurrilous attacks on the party leader by the opposition.

10. Covenant (Noun) : प्रतिज्ञापत्र
Meaning: an agreement., agree by lease, deed, or other legal contract.
Synonym: accord, deal, bargain, settlement
Antonym: disagreement, denial, misunderstanding, refusal
Sentence: "there was a covenant between the Indian government and British government to bring down the fugitive.

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