IAF Successfully Test-Fires Anti-Tank Guided Bomb

IAF Successfully Test-Fires Anti-Tank Guided Bomb

The Indian Air Force (IAF) successfully test fired 1,000 pound (450kg) Smart Anti-Tank guided bomb CBU-105 through upgraded Jaguar fighter aircraft at Pokhran Test Firing Range in Jaisalmer on Sunday. The bomb successfully destroyed a dummy enemy tank brigade target.

During the test firing the officials of American production company, Textron Defence System and senior officials of Indian Air Force were present to observe the accuracy of the guided bomb. During test firing two upgraded Jaguar fighter aircraft dropped guided bomb from air on dummy targets and successfully destroyed group of dummy tanks.

Defence sources said that CBU-105 is a sensor fused weapon of 1,000 pound (450Kg) which is dropped with the help of GPS. The best part of the weapon is that it can be used during day or night and even in adverse weather conditions. In 2010 the Indian government placed an order of 512 bombs which were delivered by company. To use them the Jaguar fighter aircraft were upgraded with new Drain III Navigation and Combat system. Upgraded Jaguar fighter aircraft can carry 4-6 sensor fused bomb (CBU-105) on enemy targets.

The upgraded Jaguar have new Drain -III navigation and combat system and now will get Smart CBU-105 sensor fused weapons procured from the USA. Now upgraded Jaguar will be termed as Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft. With this Jaguar can destroy surface targets like terrorist camps, airbases and warships with its onboard weaponries including new generation laser guided bombs and Lethal Textron CBU-105 sensor fused weapon.

The SFW are unique and deadly weapons. Initially SFW were developed as cluster bomb units-97 which were unguided and quite inaccurate whenever released from high altitude. It was modified and improved version is CBU -105 equipped with GPS and tail guidance fins, which made it very accurate precision guided munition (PGM).



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