Daily Vocabulary for Defence Exams: 11th April 2019

Daily Vocabulary for Defence Exams: 11th April 2019


Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. In the recently concluded Defence Exams, we witnessed that a major part of the exam was based on vocabulary. Many questions were vocab based and we can expect the same in the upcoming exams. It becomes very important to learn ample amount of words for the upcoming Government Job Exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word List . Here is a list of words from daily Editorials. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list.

1. SHUN : टालना
Meaning: to avoid something
Synonyms: despise, disdain
Antonyms: accept, admire
Example: She shunned publicity after she retired from the stage.

2. PRECARIOUS : संदिग्ध
Meaning: in a dangerous state because of not being safe or not being held in place firmly
Synonyms: dangerous, delicate
Antonyms: healthy, guarded
Example: The lorry was lodged in a very precarious way, with its front wheels hanging over the cliff.

3. VOLATILE : परिवर्तनशील
Meaning: likely to change suddenly and unexpectedly, especially by getting worse
Synonyms: capricious, elusive
Antonyms: constant, definite
Example: Food and fuel prices are very volatile in a war situation.

4. UPTICK : इजाफा
Meaning: an increase in something
Synonyms: growth, rise
Antonyms: decrease, fall
Example: Even after yesterday's uptick, the shares remain more than 40% below their peak a year ago.

5. INFLOW : अन्तर्वाह
Meaning: the movement of money or assets into a business, an economy, an industry, etc.
Synonyms: incursion, inpouring
Antonyms: retreat, outflow
Example: The booming economy has attracted an inflow of funds from both domestic and foreign investors.

6. REEL : विचलता
Meaning: If you reel, or your mind or brain reels, you feel very confused or shocked and unable to act
Synonyms: shake, stagger
Antonyms: stabalize, steady
Example: We were reeling (in amazement/shock/delight, etc.) from/with the news that we had won all that money.

7. RELEGATE : निर्वासित करना
Meaning: to put someone or something into a lower or less important rank or position
Synonyms: accredit, downgrade
Antonyms: upgrade, uplift
Example: In the past when African-American men worked as sailors aboard ships, they were often relegated to jobs as cooks and stewards.

8. PECULIAR : अजीब
Meaning: unusual and strange, sometimes in an unpleasant way
Synonyms: distinct, different
Antonyms: ordinary, vague
Example:The copy editor will check type size and technical details to see if anything looks peculiar.

9. LEEWAY : स्वतंत्रता
Meaning: freedom to act within particular limits
Synonyms: scope, freedom
Antonyms: confined, obligation
Example: Local councils will be given some leeway as to how they implement the legislation.

10. PERILOUS : खतरनाक
Meaning: full of danger or risk.
Synonyms: hazardous, threatening
Antonyms: safe, secure
Example: It was an intellectually courageous but often perilous balancing act.

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