SUPREME Video Courses for Bank, SSC, Teaching & Insurance Exams | Flash Sale Ends @ Midnight

SUPREME Video Courses for Bank, SSC, Teaching & Insurance Exams | Flash Sale Ends @ Midnight

Aiming to get Govt Job in 2019? Then Get the SUPREME Video Courses and clear your concepts from the Best Faculties in India for Bank, SSC, Teaching & Insurance Exams Online. 

Students here is great news for you!! The highly appreciated BANK SUPREME, INSURANCE SUPREME, SSC SUPREME, TEACHER SUPREME, and MEGA SUPREME Subscriptions are brought back on the huge demand made by the students who are preparing for Bank/ Insurance/ SSC/ Teaching examinations in a FLASH SALE which begins at 3PM today and will end at midnight.

Flash Sale Ends @ Midnight

As the year 2019 has already brought so many new opportunities, we are here to serve you with this package of video courses that will equip you all for the examinations that are to be conducted throughout the year at the lowest price possible. These Video Courses are specially prepared in a way that students are able to utilize their precious time in the most prolific way. 

Bank Supreme Video Course @ Rs. 5999/-

  • 4000+ Videos
  • 593+ Mocks
  • 231+ Ebooks
  • Validity: 12months

SSC Supreme Video Course @ Rs. 6999/-
  • 900+ Videos
  • 729+ Mocks
  • 172+ Ebooks
  • Validity: 12months

Teacher Supreme Video Course @ Rs. 3999/-
  • 609+ Videos
  • 108+ Mocks
  • Validity: 12months

Insurance Supreme Video Course @ Rs. 3999/-
  • 1501+ Videos
  • 178+ Mocks
  • 409+ Ebooks
  • Validity: 12months

Mega Supreme (Bank + SSC) Video Course @ Rs. 8999/-
  • 5300+ Videos
  • 1746+ Mocks
  • 500+ Ebooks
  • Validity: 12months

Why Wait any longer? Click on the links given below to get Your Classroom at your Fingertips!!

With Bank, Insurance SSC, Mega and Teacher Supreme Packages, prepare all the topics that you need to be excellent at so as to be on the ball to face the upcoming Bank, SSC and Teaching examinations, because, in this fight for bank exams, it's like, shape up or ship out, and you are the one who has to decide if to withstand the competition or quit. If you are willing to bring the house down, then subscribe to your SUPREME Package at the earliest.

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