GTO Tasks in Services Selection Board: Group Planning Exercise

GTO Tasks in Services Selection Board: Group Planning Exercise

GPE is the 2nd task that is conducted as a part of the GTO testing series. It is conducted on GTO Day 1. It’s an observational, strategic planning as well as a communication based task. A candidate’s practical intelligence and resourcefulness are assessed.

Key aspects of GPE
  • Time Duration: 30 minutes approx.
  • The GTO will brief the candidates about a situation which will be supported by a map or a sand model.
  • Then 10 minutes are given to the candidates to formulate their plans to overcome the situation and write them down.
  • Then 20 minutes are given to the group to discuss amongst them and come up with a strategic plan of action to tackle the situation.
  • After the end of the discussion, the group will nominate a candidate to narrate the group’s plan to the GTO. 

Key points to remember during GPE
  • First and foremost please listen to the GTO’s briefing very attentively and carefully. Do not miss out on any information. If you miss out here you’ll not be able to form an effective and strategic plan.
  • Find out the number of situations that have been laid out, and what are the different timelines related to them. Prioritize them and serialize them according to the degree of urgency that the situations demand.
  • Find out the different resources that you have at your disposal. Using resources will help you achieve your solutions to the situations effectively and efficiently.
  • Strategize a plan of action that is logical and is time bound. Keep a note of the scale of the model and the different terrains and make your plans accordingly. Divide the group, this will help you manage situations in parallel and get more things done simultaneously.
  • Use common sense and nothing else. Do what you’d normally do and don’t be a hero. Don’t make unrealistic plans. Please focus on the urgent situations first.
  • While discussing about the plan if someone else gives a different approach to yours, hear them out and see if it’s more efficient. At the end you have to come up with the best plan to present to the GTO.
  • Don’t ever nominate yourself to give the group plan, discuss amongst the group and nominate the person accordingly. When the nominated candidate gives out the plan and the GTO asks if everyone agrees to the plan, just agree to it no matter what. If you disagree then this will show that the group hasn’t reached a good level of co-operation and cohesion and it’ll go very badly against the group.

GPE requires a basic knowledge of reasoning and problem solving skills. Moreover a good command over communication will help you to contribute effectively in the discussion. To improve your problem solving skills solve riddles, try to do things in a different way, see if something can be done with another approach. Also it’ll be beneficial for you to know about the disaster emergency protocols, police regulations, hospital regulations, accident or hazard protocols, etc. Remember common sense will solve everything in GPE.


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