General Knowledge Quiz for NDA & Other Defence Exams: 29th March

 General Knowledge Quiz for NDA & Other Defence Exams: 3rd March

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on General Knowledge questions for NDA & Other Defence Exams.

Q1. Which of these waves/winds is also known as ‘Doctor wind’? 
(a) Sirocco
(b) Harmattan
(c) Loo
(d) None of these

Q2. Consider the following words 
1. Socialist 
2. Democratic 
3. Sovereign 
4. Secular
Choose the response that gives the correct order in which these words occur in the Preamble.
(a) 3, 1, 4, 2
(b) 3, 4, 1, 2
(c) 3, 4, 2, 1
(d) 4, 1, 3, 2

Q3. The term ‘Paper Gold’ means  
(a) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) of the IMF
(b) Special accommodation facility of the World Bank
(c) Currencies still on Gold standard
(d) Deficit Financing

Q4. Consider the following 
1. Tughlaqabad Fort
2. Lodhi garden 
3. Qutub Minar 
4. Fatehpur Sikri 
The correct chronological order in which they were built is  
(a) 3,1, 4, 2
(b) 3, 1, 2, 4
(c) 1, 3, 2, 4
(d) 1, 3, 4, 2

Q5. Whose experiments proved that the speed of light was always the same?  
(a) James Clark Maxwell
(b) Michelson and Marley
(c) Miller and Stanley
(d) Werner Heisenberg

Q6.Where are the Balearic Islands located?
(a)Black Sea
(b)North Sea
(c)Mediterranean Sea
(d)Baltic Sea

Q7. When a piece of ice floating in a glass of water melts, the level of water will: 
     (a) Fall
     (b) Remain the same
     (c) Rise
     (d) Fall or rise depends on the temperature of the water

Q8. Salt of which of the following elements provide colours to fireworks?
(a)Zinc and Sulphur
(b)Potassium and Mercury
(c)Strontium and Barium
(d)Chromium and Nickel

Q9.Intestinal bacteria synthesizes which of the following in the human body?
    (a) Vitamin K
    (b) Proteins
    (c) Fats
    (d) Vitamin D

Q10. What are the name of the vessel that delivers the nutrient-rich blood from the stomach and small intestine to the liver?  
(a) Left hepatic artery
(b) Hepatic vein
(c) Right hepatic artery
(d) Hepatic portal vein

S1. Ans. (b)
Sol. ‘Harmattan’ winds that flow in Africa are known as doctor winds as these winds are dry and help in reducing the level of humidity.

S2. Ans. (a)
Sol. SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC is the correct order in the preamble.

S3. Ans. (a)
Sol. Paper Gold, otherwise known as Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), refers to the assets transferred by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to its member countries.

S4. Ans. (b)
Sol.  Qutab Minar in 1193
         Tughlaqabad fort  in 1321
         Lodhi garden in 1444
         Fatehpur Sikri in 1569

S5. Ans. (b)
Sol. Michelson and Marley proved that the speed of light was always the same.

S6. Ans. (c)
Sol. The Balearic Islands are an archipelago off eastern Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea.

S7. Ans. (b)
Sol. We know that the mass of liquid displaced by the floating ice equals the mass of the object. That’s why the ice caps float on water. Similarly, when an ice cube melts in a glass of water, the water level does not change as the melted water will occupy exactly the same amount of space as the ice under the water level previously occupied.

S8. Ans. (c)
Sol. Metal salts commonly used in firework displays include:
strontium carbonate (red fireworks),
calcium chloride (orange fireworks),
sodium nitrate (yellow fireworks),
barium chloride (green fireworks) and copper chloride (blue fireworks)

S9. Ans. (a)
Sol. Vitamin K in the majority is synthesized by bacteria in the large intestine. It is necessary for the formation of several blood-clotting factors in the liver, and deficiency leads to bleeding disorders.

S10. Ans. (d)
Sol. Hepatic portal vein delivers the nutrient-rich blood from the stomach and small intestine to the liver.

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