Esprit de Corps: The Pioneer Corps

Esprit de Corps: The Pioneer Corps

The spirit of a body is the essence of the term Esprit de Corps. It's a feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the members of a group. The troops with a higher Esprit de Corps are motivated, full of Josh and more often than not victorious under any circumstance. Following are the snapshots of this mighty regiment.

Established: 1758

Motto: Shram Sarva Vijayee (With Labour, Everything can be Won)

Regimental Centre: Pioneer Corps Training Centre, Bangalore

Type: Support, Logistics, Construction and Maintenance
  • 3 KC (Kirti Chakra)
  • 6 SC (Shaurya Chakra)
  • 3 SM (Sena Medal)
Battle Honours (Post Independence):
  • Basantar
  • Shamshernagar
  • Keran
  • Tithwal
  • Kargil
  • Mushkoh
  • OP Vijay
  • OP Deewar
  • OP Pawan
  • OP Parakram
Insignia: A Crossed pair of a Rifle and a Shovel.
Regimental Colours: Olive Green, Crimson, Gold.

The Pioneer Corps provide disciplined and well trained manpower where civilian labour is either not available or its employment is not desirable for reasons of security.


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