GTO Tasks in Services Selection Board: Lecturette

Lecturette is the 8th task that is conducted as a part of the GTO testing series. It is conducted on GTO Day 2. It’s a knowledge as well as a communication-based task. It has to be performed individually in front of the group.

Key aspects of Lecturette
  • Time Duration: 6 minutes approx.
  • 4 topics will be given. One topic has to be selected.
  • 3 minutes are given to the candidate to formulate the points and organize the lecture.
  • 3 minutes are given to the candidate to speak on the topic selected and deliver the lecture.

Key points to remember for Lecturette
  • Out of the 4 topics, one will be a difficult topic, two will be of moderate difficulty and one will be an easy topic. It doesn’t matter which one you choose.
  • Please do not choose a difficult topic thinking that it’ll fetch you more marks or don’t think that choosing an easy topic will fetch you low marks.
  • The delivery of the lecture, the confidence with which you speak, how you arrange your thoughts and how you manage time is of the essence here rather than the content. The content is just a plus point here.
  • The way you deliver the lecture should incite an inquisitiveness in the group and the GTO.
  • Also not overlooking the fact that knowledge of current affairs and having general awareness is somewhat necessary for this task so as to create content for the lecture.
  • Follow a general guideline to give structure to your lecture. PCES (Problem, Cause, Effect, Solution) is one of the methods or you can use the BRIC (Background, Reasons, Information, Conclusion) method. See which method fits to your selected topic.
  • It’s very important to give the lecture confidently and fluently. This can be practiced beforehand.
Lecturette is an important task since an Officer of the Armed Forces is expected to deliver talks or speeches at any time of the day be it anywhere to either motivate the troops or address a delegation in some foreign country. Please keep practising your communication skills and the delivery of lectures.

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