Indian Peacekeepers Serving in UN Missions in Africa Lauded For Their Service

Indian Peacekeepers Serving in UN Missions in Africa Lauded For Their Service

Indian peacekeepers serving in UN missions from Lebanon to South Sudan are being lauded for their tireless efforts and service in helping the communities in the host nations – from critical infrastructure development to starting language courses for young women. Indian peacekeepers deployed in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) last week started English language course for a group of young women of Souk Al Khan in their area of responsibility in south-eastern Lebanon. 

The six-week course, for which 23 women have registered so far, kicked off at the Centre for Care and Development and will entail written and spoken expressions of the English language.

Indian peacekeepers in South Sudan are also being lauded for convincing refugees and displaced persons to return home. The establishment last year of a new UN peacekeeping base in Akobo – the only one in the opposition-held territory – is helping build confidence by providing a protective presence.

Forty Indian “Blue Helmets” currently serve at the remote and austere UN base which is manned by different troops on a weekly basis. Medical outreach to the town’s inhabitants by Indian peacekeepers has in the past been praised by the local population. The UN and humanitarian agencies are also supporting internally displaced people who want to make the journey home from a UN protection camp in Bor. 

With the establishment of the base and other UN efforts, Akobo is beginning to bustle with life again with the return of about 12,000 refugees and internally displaced families. More than 2,400 Indian peacekeepers are currently deployed with the UN Mission in South Sudan. Apart from dutifully carrying out their peacekeeping responsibilities, Indian personnel also celebrate their culture, sharing important occasions with the local communities. The UNMISS article quoted Indian Ambassador to South Sudan SD.

Source: IDRW


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