Daily Vocabulary for Defence Exams: 17th February 2019

Daily Vocabulary for Defence Exams: 17th February 2019


Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. In the recently concluded Defence Exams, we witnessed that a major part of the exam was based on vocabulary. Many questions were vocab based and we can expect the same in the upcoming exams. It becomes very important to learn ample amount of words for the upcoming Government Job Exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word List . Here is a list of words from daily Editorials. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list.

1.IRATE : क्रुद्ध
Meaning: tremendously angry
Synonyms: annoyed, furious
Antonyms: happy, calm
Example:The irate judge had the unruly defendant removed from the courtroom.

2.GAUNT : कृश
Meaning:extremely skinny, typically because of illness or starvation
Synonyms:grim, thin
Antonyms:fat, heavy
Example:After being held in a dark basement for three months, the prisoner was gaunt and weak.

3.BENIGNANT :  कृपालु
Meaning: having or marked by sympathy and consideration for others.
Synonyms: benevolent, compassionate, humane, kindhearted.
Antonyms: atrocious, brutal, callous, fiendish.
Example: The queen had a benignant reputation and was loved for her caring treatment of others.

4.FARRAGO:  संमिश्रण
Meaning: a confused mixture.
Synonyms: mishmash, jumble, hodgepodge, turmoil.
Antonyms: constituent, ravel, sequence, categorization.
Example: The present gun law is a farrago of nonsense as most of it is unenforceable.

5.LENITY :  उदारता
Meaning: kind or compassionate treatment especially towards someone who is undeserving of it.
Synonyms: clemency, forbearance, philanthropy, empathy.
Antonyms: requital, vindictiveness, virulence, vitriol.
Example:This savage punishment was approved by the higher officers of the navy, who showed great lenity to men of their own rank.

6.SUPERANNUATED : वयोवृद्ध
Meaning: outdated or obsolete through age or new developments;
Synonyms: anachronistic, antiquated, defunct, obsolete.
Antonyms: modern, modish, newfangled, modernized.
Example: The information on my website was superannuated and needed updating.

7.ALLEGE : अभियोग लगाना
Meaning: To say that someone has done something illegal or wrong without giving proof
Synonyms:charge, declare
Antonyms:withdraw, object
Example:She is alleged to have been at the center of an international drug ring.

Meaning:rapid increase in the number or amount of something
Synonyms: generation, propagation
Example:The proliferation of technology over the last 100 years has happened so quickly and caused many societal changes.

9.AMNESTY : आम माफ़ी
Meaning:a formal pardon or reprieve given to one who has committed a criminal or political offense
Synonyms:forgiveness, immunity
Example:Although the governor claimed to be an honest man of the people, he did not hesitate to give his wealthy friend amnesty for a tax related crime.

10.COALITION : गठबंधन
Meaning: the union of diverse things into one body or form or group
Synonyms: alliance, union
Antonyms: discord,rift
Example:A coalition between Liberals and Conservatives

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