Crack SSB: Interview Questions Asked in SSB | Part VI

Crack SSB: Interview Questions Asked in SSB | Part VI

The Interview is the process in which the candidate is in direct conversation with the IO (Interviewing Officer) and is assessed on his/her personality and is asked questions pertaining to the PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) filled by the candidate.

The sixth CIQ or the sixth rapid fire sequence that they IO asks is related to defence and your willingness to join the Armed Forces.

Some of the questions asked:

  • Tell some recent major defence developments.
  • Questions relating to the service like rank structure and equipment.
  • Difference between different arms and services within the force.
  • Which arms or service would you like to join and why.
  • Where is the training and what’s its duration if selected.
  • Why do you want to join the Defence Services.
  • Why didn’t you get recommended in your previous attempts.
  • How is this attempt different than your previous attempts.
  • What will you do if you do not make it this time.
  • What are your alternate career options.

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