Crack SSB: Interview Questions Asked in SSB | Part V

The Interview is the process in which the candidate is in direct conversation with the IO (Interviewing Officer) and is assessed on his/her personality and is asked questions pertaining to the PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) filled by the candidate.

The fifth CIQ or the fifth rapid fire sequence that they IO asks is related to your performances in the different tests and some questions about you.

Some of the questions asked:
  • Which test did you like in Psychological Testing and why.
  • Rate your performance in Psychological Testing out of 10.
  • Which test did you like in GTO and why.
  • Rate your performance in GTO out of 10.
  • In which area do you think you performed better Psych or GTO.
  • What are your strengths.
  • Why do you think these are your strengths.
  • What are your weaknesses.
  • What have you done to overcome your weaknesses.

In between the IO may ask some other questions to get some things clarified from you.

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