Crack SSB: Interview Questions Asked in SSB | Part IV

Crack SSB: Interview Questions Asked in SSB | Part IV

The Interview is the process in which the candidate is in direct conversation with the IO (Interviewing Officer) and is assessed on his/her personality and is asked questions pertaining to the PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) filled by the candidate.

The fourth CIQ or the fourth rapid fire sequence that they IO asks is related to sports, extra co-curricular activities, current affairs and general awareness.

Some of the questions asked:

  • What sport you play and which level did you play at.
  • Your achievements in the sport.
  • Specific rules and regulations of that sport.
  • Any current affairs related to the sport.
  • Captain of the Indian Team for that sport and last tournament played.
  • Famous Indian Personalities of that sport.
  • Why do you like that sport.
  • What did you learn from sports.
  • What extra co-curricular activities you participated in.
  • Why did you choose these activities over the others.
  • What have been your achievements in them.
  • Famous Indian Personalities in them if any.
  • Major news of the past month or two months.
  • India’s geo-political situation and relations with different countries.
  • Main headlines of that day’s newspaper.
  • International news relating to India.
  • Physical geography.
  • Current Affairs.
In between the IO may ask some other questions to get some things clarified from you.

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