Army Plans Huge Kargil Celebrations: Calendar Released

Army Plans Huge Kargil Celebrations: Calendar Released

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Kargil war and the Indian Army has decided to hold massive celebrations as tribute to the sacrifice of the 527 soldiers who lost their lives in the war.

The war officially ended on 26 July, 1999, when the Army recaptured all Indian posts in Kargil that had been occupied by Pakistani soldiers and mujahideen but as a curtain raiser, the defence establishment has released its ‘New Year Calendar’ themed ‘Celebrating 20 years of Kargil’, which is a collector’s item. You can download the calendar here.

The theme for the celebrations is ‘Remember-Rejoice-Renew’. The idea is to remember the martyrs, rejoice in the victory and renew the pledge for the future.

But even as the country readies to celebrate another Kargil Vijay Diwas, little has changed for the Indian soldier in terms of equipment and weapons.

Little change in 20 years
Though there is a glimmer of hope as the government and the Army headquarters have finally pushed for new equipment and weapons, little has changed for the Indian soldier in 20 years.

The soldiers continue to fight with the same INSAS rifles that they used way back in 1999. They are now finally on the brink of change as the Army is in the process of procuring new assault rifles. Thought this has been attempted in the past, the latest bid is serious and has made significant progress.

The other big change that the soldiers are looking forward to is in the artillery department. Kargil was won on the back of the Bofors gun, which helped the Army pound the positions held by the Pakistani soldiers. It continues to rely on these guns.

But breaking the Bofors jinx, however, the Army has finally managed to procure the M777 light-weight howitzers from the US and the K9 Vajra under the Make in India initiative. The induction of the first regiment of both these guns would be done this year.



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