Advantages Of Prime Cards For Adda247 Test Series, Ebooks & Printed Books

Advantages Of Prime Cards For Adda247 Test Series, Ebooks & Printed Books

Dear Students, Adda247 is here with PRIME Cards for Test Series and Books (Ebooks & Printed Edition Books) for Rs. 499 and Rs. 249 respectively. While most of you are showing great enthusiasm to grab the Prime Cards with the utmost dispatch, some are still not in the know about their advantages. So, here is an article which discusses the advantages of Prime Cards launched by Adda247 for Test Series, Ebooks and Printed Edition Books.

Once you get a Prime Card, it will be valid for a time period of 12 months which will allow you to buy all the Adda247 Test Series at a discount of 35% and Adda247 E-books and Printed Edition Books at a discount of 25%. Here are a few points that discuss the advantages of these Adda247 Prime Cards.

  • On the purchase of Prime Card for test series, you will get 100+ mock tests for free.
  • On the purchase of Prime Card for printed edition books and ebooks, you will get 50+ ebooks for free.
  • With these cards, you can avail the discount offers anytime without having to wait for special occasions that get you discount offers.
  • If you buy these test series, ebooks and printed edition books at their original prices, it will cost you much more than the prices available for Prime Card holders. Get the Prime Cards and save money all throughout the year.
  • The discount offer will also be valid on Adda247 Prime Packages that are made available on Adda247 Online Store for a limited period of time.

So students, do not waste any time and get your Prime Card while the going is good. All the best for the upcoming competitive exams.


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