Military Creed: First Lady Officer To Lead a Contingent On Army Day

The Indian Armed Forces yet again showcase that they are above all prejudices and show the elite power and strength that a women officer commands in the organization. On 15th January which is going to mark the 71st Army Day, a groundbreaking event will take place. First and foremost the ASC (Army Service Corps) will participate after a 23 years gap in the Army Day Parade. But history will be made when Lieutenant Bhavana Kasturi will lead the marching contingent of the ASC consisting of 144 personnel in the Army Day Parade. She will be the first ever woman officer to command a marching contingent.

If you think this was anything less than amazing then you might also want to know that for the first time ever a woman officer, Captain Shikha will lead a Daredevils Team of the Corps of Signals consisting of 33 men riding nine bikes in a pyramid formation. She will give a standing salute to the guests while riding her bike. The entire Daredevils contingent however, will be led by Major Manpreet Singh.

These two events will surely force a paradigm shift for the women officers in the Armed Forces. This will also send across a message to the citizens of the country about the egalitarian views and principles that the Armed Forces believe in and that it’s continuously trying to overhaul the organization according to them. 


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