Time To Think: 9th May 2019

Time To Think: 9th May 2019

If you don't value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents--start charging for it.

Respect time and time will respect you, we all must have heard about these words but only few of us follow them. Many of us are not willing to do to what it takes to achieve our dreams. Discipline is doing something whether you like that or not. You cannot win any war against anything if you cannot win against your mind. Time, the biggest weapon that can be used if you utilized it well and understand what it demands. Push yourself to the box of your dreams. You all have ability to bounce back with even greater enthusiasm if you fail to make something happen.

So, the moment you realize the value of time, is the time you are halfway there. If you do not respect it, neither will others.To achieve something in life, you need to stop giving your time to others rather make it count for your upcoming challenges. Do what a clock does, keep going. There is no way to succeed without a proper plan and strategy. Go out, strive for your goals. Things turn out best for those who have made the best out of the way the things have turned out. Be allergic to mediocrity and average performance. Be stubborn, be selfish and be disciplined.

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