Subscription Card For Live Batches: Supreme Card Live

Subscription Card For Live Batches: Supreme Card Live

Adda247 has borne itself out as the best educational platform by demonstrating its extensive engrossment in upskilling the government job aspirants all across the country through online as well as offline education. Also, we make every possible effort to reach out to the aspirants and provide them with the copious elucidatory study material germane to the current pattern of government job exams

Your faith in us through all these years since the establishment of this educational platform does worth something special from our side. So, to reciprocate the intense love and eminent support of yours, here we are with something new i.e. Yearly Subscription Card For Live Batches that will help you join all of our live classes at Flat 40% Off throughout the year or for six months at least.

We bring to you, two Supreme Cards, one with a validity of 1 year and another with a validity of 6 months for ₹1999 and ₹999 respectively. Once you get the card, you will be able to avail an offer of flat 40% off on all Adda247 Online Live Classes for the validity period of your card. 

This fight for competitive exams is getting tougher day by day. Now it's like, shape up or ship out, and you are the one who has to decide if to withstand the competition or quit. If you want to sail through it, Adda247 Online Live Classes are there to tide you over. So, if you are willing to bring the house down, then get the Supreme Card at the earliest.


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