Crack SSB: Psychological Tests | Introduction

Crack SSB: Psychological Tests | Introduction

After Stage I Testing is completed, the Stage II Testing begins which is a three-pronged approach adopted by the Selection Boards to assess a candidate.

On day 1 of Stage II Testing or day 2 of the SSB (In AFSB, Psychological tests are conducted on Day 1 itself i.e. after the Stage I testing results are out). The screened-in candidates have to undergo a battery of Psychological Tests. These tests are descriptive (written) in nature and have a heavy time constraint on them. This is basically done to limit the candidate to write whatever comes to his/her mind first rather than formulating or faking a response. This allows the Psychologist to read the candidate’s actual personality in terms of thoughts, feelings and actions written by them.
The Psychological Testing is conducted for 2 hours so a candidate has to have the ability to write continuously, quickly and most importantly neatly.

There are 4 Tests under the Psychological Testing series:

1. TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)

Test Duration: 54 minutes.
12 Slides will be shown (11 Images + 1 Blank).
Each image will be shown for 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds the image will be removed and 4 minutes will be given to write a story based on the image shown.
After 4 minutes are over a buzzer will sound and the next image will be shown. 
This will continue for 11 slides and then a Blank slide will be shown for 30 seconds.
Any story can be written for the Blank slide.

2. WAT (Word Association Test)

Test Duration: 15 minutes.
60 Slides will be shown.
Each slide will have a word written on it, which will be flashed for 15 seconds.
The candidates have to write a sentence about the word or construct a sentence with the word within these 15 seconds.
After every 15 seconds, a buzzer will sound and a new word will be flashed.

3. SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

Test Duration: 30 minutes composite.
A booklet will be provided containing 60 Situations written in it.
The candidates have to provide their solutions to the given situations and how they would deal with them in their day to day lives.
A composite time of 30 minutes is given to react to these situations.

4. SD (Self Description)

Time Duration: 15 minutes composite.
The candidates have to write responses to these 5 questions:
  • What do your parents think about you?
  • What do your teachers think about you?
  • What does your employer think about you? (Working Candidates)
  • What do your friends think about you?
  • What do your colleagues think about you? (Working Candidates)
  • What do you think about yourself?
  • What is your aim in life/Qualities you would like to improve?
A composite time of 15 minutes is given to answer these questions.

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