Mathematics Questions for CDS & CAPF: 13th December

Mathematics Questions for CDS & CAPF: 13th December

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on Mathematics questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Defence Examinations. The questions asked in Mathematics Section of most of the defence examinations are based on the topics from Mathematics of Class 11th and 12th. The questions asked in this section are complex and comparatively difficult but once attempted with high accuracy, can fetch you full marks in this section. Also, practice on a daily basis helps one dive into the core concepts of a subject and thus, help her perform to the best of her ability in the real examinations. So, attempt the daily quizzes being provided by Defence Adda and score to the maximum in the Mathematics Section of all sorts of defence examinations.

Q1. The sum of the 6th and 15th elements of an arithmetic progression is equal to the sum of 7th, 10th, 12th elements of the same progression. Which element of the series should necessarily be equal to zero? 
(a) 10th 
(b) 8th 
(c) 1st 
(d) None of these 

Q2. Ram and Mohan are friends. Each has some money. If Ram gives Rs. 30 to Mohan, then Mohan will have twice the money left with Ram. But if Mohan gives Rs. 10 to Ram, then Ram will have thrice as much as is left with Mohan. How much money does each have? 
(a) Rs. 62 and Rs. 34
(b) Rs. 6 and Rs. 2 
(c) Rs. 170 and Rs. 124
(d) Rs. 43 and Rs. 26

Q3. In a circle of radius 17 cm, two parallel chords are drawn on opposite sides of a diameter. The distance between the chords is 23 cm. If length of one chord is 16 cm, then the length of the other is 
(a) 15 cm
(b) 23 cm 
(c) 30 cm
(d) 34 cm  

Q4. The volume of a cubical block of stone is 10368 dm^3, its dimensions are in the ratio of 3 : 2 : 1. If its entire surface is polished at 2 paise per dm^2, then what is the total cost? 
(a) Rs. 31.68
(b) Rs. 31.50
(c) Rs. 63
(d) Rs. 63.36 

Q7. In an examination A got 25% marks more than B, B got 10% less than C and C got 25% more than D. If D got 320 marks out of 500, the marks obtained by A were 
(a) 405
(b) 450
(c) 360
(d) 400 

Q8. If the rate of interest is compounded annually, a sum of money becomes eight times in 3 yrs. In how much time will the same amount at the same rate becomes sixteen times? 
(a) 4 years
(b) 5 years 
(c) 6 years
(d) 8 years 

Q9. A sells a scooter priced Rs. 36,000. He gives a discount of 8% on the first Rs. 20,000 and 5% on the next Rs. 10,000. How much discount can he affored on the remaining Rs. 6,000 if he is to get as much as when 7% discount is allowed on the total ? 
(a) 5%
(b) 6%
(c) 7%
(d) 8%

Q10. In two days A, B and C together can finish 1/2 of a work and in another 2 days B and C together can finish 3/10 part of the work. Then A alone can complete the whole work in.
(a) 15 days
(b) 10 days
(c) 12 days
(d) 14 days


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