Listen.......Don’t Talk!

Listen.......Don’t Talk!

The greatest virtue one can have is the power and the ability to listen patiently. Have you ever really given a thought about listening to someone more during a conversation? Well let me tell you the answer is ‘NO’. Many of us don’t and carry on with our day to day conversations at coffee tables, tea stalls or even the meeting rooms without paying attention to what the others are saying. The human tendency to compete comes into the picture and one starts to dominate the conversation by talking more, giving a false sense of victory or superiority. The act of not listening to someone can be termed as blasphemous if not less and it can affect your day to day life severely. It’ll deteriorate your interpersonal skills and show that you have a dominating personality altogether, striking a chord at your moral values and questioning them.

How to Listen rather than Talking too much?

A conversation is a two way dialogue. Agreed! But if people constantly keep talking regardless of listening to one another, all it leads to is a lot of chatter and no effective communication takes place. For an efficient communication, the most important is the content and how you deliver it. But one thing which people nowadays casually look over is listening to the other person. Everyone thinks that giving more points and talking more in the conversation will reflect your knowledge and intellectual prowess. When someone else is talking people just tend to think about what they’re going to say next rather than listening and understanding the other person’s views. All this leads to a total breakdown of communication.

Listening is a trait which is of paramount importance if you want to clearly understand and assimilate the context of the conversation. Whenever someone is speaking try to listen to them rather than framing your own counter replies. Pay some attention and it’ll let you understand the content better and take the conversation in the right direction which is fruitful. If you listen more it’ll increase your knowledge and your critical thinking. Listening will not make you say something completely random and not make you look like a fool. The other people will acknowledge your patient listening and will react the same way when you speak. This will lead to a deeper emotional bond and will let you understand each other more effectively.

Just remember to listen more next time and please do make this a habit. This will give you a much clearer picture of the content and it’ll help you to contribute more effectively to the conversation.


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