Russia, India wrap up Indra-2018 joint anti-terror drills

Russia, India wrap up Indra-2018 joint anti-terror drills

The final stage of the Indra-2018 Russian-Indian drills has ended with a joint decisive strike on a simulated enemy’s positions at the Babina practice range in north India, the press office of Russia’s Eastern Military District reported on Tuesday, 27th November.  

During the final stage of the Indra-2018 international drills, the Russian reinforced motorized battalion and the 5th mechanized infantry battalion group of India’s 31st armored division marched to the range at their fuel strength, 

The drills involved 14 T-90 tanks and 14 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, and also 500 troops. Under the drills’ scenario, the motor rifle units mopped up villages seized by terrorists, after which the government forces regained control of the communities.

Supported by the Indian 155mm Bofors artillery guns and by the fire of Shilka self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, the armor was deployed in battle formations to deliver a massive strike against the positions of notional terrorists holding the communities seized earlier.

The Indian side has acquainted the Russian colleagues with modern weapon systems used in India’s Army.

The Indra-2018 Russian-Indian drills were held on the territory of India from November 18. They involved 250 servicemen of a motorized large unit of the Eastern Military District’s all-arms army and 250 servicemen of the 31st Indian armored division.

Source- Defence News

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