Military Creed: “How’s The Josh?”

HIGH SIR! A loud resounding sound echoed and faded in the backdrop and the cadets took to the ground to do a round of Josh Push Ups. Some shouting out josh, some calling out their companies or squadrons names and some roaring out the name of the regiment they want to join. This fellow aspirants, is the way of instilling fervour and enthusiasm in the cadets training at the various Military Training Academies in India, and to remind them that they are a part of something bigger.

The Armed Forces really make every day of your life worth remembering and gives you a life to cherish. You see the Armed Forces are not just another job; it’s a Way of Life. The sole thing that never makes you give up there is having the right kind of motivation.

But what is motivation and what’s the right kind?

Motivation is basically the drive within the individual. It’s the process of simulating people to take actions to accomplish their set goals and targets. People usually fail not because of the circumstances or the lack of a better approach. More often than not they fail because they don’t have the right motivation to carry them through the thick and thin while achieving their dreams. Right motivation is the one which is anchored with the deepest emotions that you have. The one which literally makes you shake to the core when you think about it and makes you focus on ‘why am I doing this?'

But how to get the right kind of motivation?

Before setting an aim it’s very important to chart out and ask ‘why am I doing this?’, ‘what’s in it for me?’, ‘what’s in it for the people around me?’ and the most important of all is ‘will I be happy with this?’

Stop building castles in the skies and thinking about what you’ll be and how things will be different when you’ve made it. It’s important to focus on the start. Take a sheet of paper and write down your aim at the top. Now divide the sheet into two columns. Title the first column as pros and the second column as cons. Take as much time as you need and jot down points. When you’re done with this, you’ll clearly get to know what course of action you should take. This will help you find the true reasons for your aspirations, which will eventually lead you to get the right kind of motivation. When you’re facing difficult times and are having thoughts of quitting, this will be the sole thing that you will have to fall back upon and recoup from.

Many people just follow someone’s footsteps or just decide to do something just because it’s financially beneficial or which will get them a position of power. These thoughts might get you pumped up at the start but ultimately they'll fade away even before you get to know it and leave you in a state of grief and agony. This will eventually make you doubt yourself and your abilities and leave you in a state of denial. Remembering why you started this endeavour will not make you feel uplifted if your reasons or intentions for embarking on it were not true, pure or correct.

The Armed Forces is an organization which wants you to be who you are. Finding the right kind of motivation will lead you finding yourself and help you in being a better human being. So, it’s imperative to have the right attitude and mindset to achieve what you want. Motivation is like the fuel to your fire. If you run out of it, the fire will slowly die out and you’ll not be able to achieve your aim. So having a sufficient amount is fine for you to achieve your aim but having a little more will let you go that extra mile, to get you something that you might not be able to fathom yourself.
That’s why the Josh should always be HIGH!

“We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.”


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