Mathematics Questions for CDS & CAPF: 23rd November

Mathematics Questions for CDS & CAPF: 23rd November

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on Mathematics questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Defence Examinations. The questions asked in Mathematics Section of most of the defence examinations are based on the topics from Mathematics of Class 11th and 12th. The questions asked in this section are complex and comparatively difficult but once attempted with high accuracy, can fetch you full marks in this section. Also, practice on a daily basis helps one dive into the core concepts of a subject and thus, help her perform to the best of her ability in the real examinations. So, attempt the daily quizzes being provided by Defence Adda and score to the maximum in the Mathematics Section of all sorts of defence examinations.

Q1. If the digits in the unit and the tens place of a three digit number are interchanged, a new number is formed, which is greater than the original number by 63. Suppose the digit in the unit place of the original number be x. Then, all the possible values of x are
(a) 7, 8, 9
(b) 2, 7, 9
(c) 0, 1, 2
(d) 1, 2, 8

Q3. Average age of 8 men is increased by 3 years when two of them whose ages are 30 and 34 years are replaced by 2 persons. What is the average age of the 2 persons? Q55
(a) 24 years
(b) 32 years
(c) 44 years
(d) 48 years

Q4. A person ordered 4 shirts of brand A and some shirts of brand B. The price of one shirt of brand A was twice that of brand B. When the order was executed, it was found that the number of shirts of the two brands has been interchanged. This increased the bill by 40%. The ratio of the number of shirts of brand A to that of brand B in the original order was Q58
(a) 1 : 2
(b) 1 : 3
(c) 1 : 4
(d) 1 : 5

Q5. A milkman makes 20% profit by selling milk mixed with water at Rs. 9 per litre. If the cost price of 1 litre pure milk is Rs. 10, then the ratio of milk and water in the said mixture is Q59
(a) 3 : 1
(b) 4 : 1
(c) 3 : 2
(d) 4 : 3

Q6. The base of a triangle is 15 cm and height is 12 cm. The height of another triangle of double the area having the base 20 cm is : Q65
(a) 9 cm
(b) 18 cm
(c) 8 cm       
(d) 12.5 cm 

Q9. Three solid metallic spheres of diameters 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm are melted and recast into a new solid sphere. The diameter of the new sphere is: 
(a) 4 cm
(b) 6 cm
(c) 8 cm       
(d) 12 cm 


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