Mathematics Questions for CDS & CAPF: 21st November

Mathematics Questions for CDS & CAPF: 21st November

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on Mathematics questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Defence Examinations. The questions asked in Mathematics Section of most of the defence examinations are based on the topics from Mathematics of Class 11th and 12th. The questions asked in this section are complex and comparatively difficult but once attempted with high accuracy, can fetch you full marks in this section. Also, practice on a daily basis helps one dive into the core concepts of a subject and thus, help her perform to the best of her ability in the real examinations. So, attempt the daily quizzes being provided by Defence Adda and score to the maximum in the Mathematics Section of all sorts of defence examinations.

Q1. A cloth merchant has announced 25% rebate on marked price. If one needs to have a rebate of Rs. 40, then how many shirts, each with a marked price Rs. 32, should he purchase?
(a) 8
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 7

Q2. A machine is marked for Rs. 8000 and dealer allows successive discounts of 1212%, 35% & 24%. Then how much amount is saved by a customer, who purchases the machine? 
(a) 3458
(b) 4542 
(c) 2271
(d) 1729

Q3. Arun travels from New York to Washington at a constant speed. If he increases his speed by 10 km/h, it would take 1 hr less. It would have further 45 mins lesser if the speed was further increased by 10 km/h. The distance between the two cities is-
(a) 540 km
(b) 420 km
(c) 600 km
(d) 620 km

Q4. Twinkle takes three times as long as Darshika and Pehu together to do a job. Darshika takes four times as long as Twinkle and Pehu together to do the work. If all three, working together can complete the job in 24 days, then the number of days, Twinkle alone will take to finish the job is-
(a) 100
(b) 96
(c) 95
(d) 90

Q5. If x=211003+0.993+32110020.99+3211000.992, then x=? 
(a) 9
(b) 5.002
(c) 25
(d) 27

Q6. There are two prisms. One has equilateral ∆  as its base & other has a hexagon. If both the prisms have equal height and volumes. Then find the ratio of the lengths of each side to their base. 
(a) 6:1
(b) 23 :1
(c) 1 :6
(d) 1 :23

Q7. Total surface area of tetrahedron is, if its side is 1 cm.
(a) 13   
(b) 122
(c) 3
(d) 23

Q8. Two circles having same diameter of 10 cm passes through each-other’s centre. Find the length of the common chord.
(a) 103
(b) 53
(c) 82
(d) 102

Q9. The ratio of land and water on the whole earth is 1 : 2 and on the northern hemisphere the ratio of land and water is 2 : 3. Then find the ratio of land and water on southern hemisphere?
(a) 4 : 13
(b) 13 : 5
(c) 4 : 11
(d) 13 : 4

DIRECTIONS: The following table gives zone-wise survey report of the people of a country who take coffee. Study the table answer question:

Q10. The percentage of people of south zone who take coffee at least once a day is close to-
(a) 33.51
(b) 42.72
(c) 75.81
(d) 80.82


S1. Ans.(b);
= 5 shirts

S2. Ans.(b);

S3. Ans.(b);
Let original speed = x
= 420 km

S4. Ans.(b);

S5. Ans.(d);
S6. Ans.(a);
S7. Ans.(c);

S8. Ans.(b);

S9. Ans.(c);

S10. Ans.(c); 

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