General Knowledge Questions for CDS & CAPF: 24th November

General Knowledge Questions for CDS & CAPF: 24th November

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on General Knowledge questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Defence Examinations.

Q1. The third Sangam was held at 
(a) Madurai
(b) Arrikkamedu
(c) Ernakulam
(d) Tuticorin

Q2. The Lingaraja temple built during the medieval period is at
(a) Bhubaneswar
(b) Khajuraho
(c) Madurai
(d) Mount Abu

Q3. What do the painting of Ajanta depict ?
(a) Ramayana
(b) Mahabharata
(c) Jatakas
(d) Panchatantra

Q4. The 1909 Indian Councils Act is also known as
(a) The Chelmsford Reforms
(b) The August Offer
(c) The Wood’s Despatch
(d) The Minto-Morley Reforms

Q5. Which one among the following is called terrestrial planet?
(a) Mercury 
(b) Jupiter
(c) Saturn
(d) Uranus

Q6. In which one of the following countries is the volcano ‘Guallatiri’ located?
(a) Peru
(b) Chile
(c) Tanzania
(d) Ecuador

Q7. EI Nino current appears along the coast  of which one of the following ?
(a) Brazil
(b) Peru
(c) Alaska
(d) Western Australia

Q8. In which Biochore the structure of vegetation is significantly determined and maintained by periodic fires ?
(a) Forest
(b) Savanna
(c) Desert
(d) Tundra

Q9. The Ninth Schedule to the Indian Constitution was added by 
(a) First Amendment
(b) Eighth Amendment
(c) Ninth Amendment
(d) Forty Second Amendment

Q10.   Which of the following quantities is measured on the Richter scale?
(a) Speed of a glacier 
(b) Population growth 
(c) Intensity of an earthquake 
(d) Temperature inside the earth

Q11. India veterinary Research institute is located at:
(a) Bareilly
(b) Mathura
(c) Karnal
(d) Patna

Q12. The yellow colour of human urine is due to a pigment called-
(a) Cytochrome
(b) Urochrome
(c) Haemochrome 
(d) Phenolichrome 

Q13. 1 December, is celebrated every year as -  
(a) World Environment Day
(b) World Food day
(c) World Aids day
(d) World Literacy Day

Q14. Myoglobin contains the metal-
(a) Copper
(b) Silver
(c) Gold
(d) Iron

Q15. The useful element in photography is- 
(a) Silver Nitrate 
(b) Silver Bromide 
(c) Sulphuric Acid 
(d) Citiric Acid


S1. Ans.(a)

S2. Ans.(a)

S3. Ans.(c)

S4. Ans.(d)

S5. Ans.(a)

S6. Ans.(b)

S7. Ans.(b)

S8. Ans.(b)

S9. Ans.(a)

S10. Ans.(c)

S11. Ans.(a)

S12. Ans.(b)

S13. Ans.(c)

S14. Ans.(d)

S15. Ans.(b)

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