General Knowledge Questions for CDS & CAPF: 23rd November

General Knowledge Questions for CDS & CAPF: 23rd November

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on General Knowledge questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Defence Examinations.

Q1. Where was the third Buddhist Council held ?
(a) Vatsa
(b) Patliputra
(c) Kosambi
(d) Kashmir

Q2. The first translator of Mahabharata into Tamil was
(a) Permuduanar
(b) Kamban
(c) Hala
(d) Bharavi

Q3. The French challenge to British in India came to an end with 
(a) battle of Wandiwash
(b) battle of Srirangpatnam
(c) battle of Plassey
(d) battle of Buxar

Q4. Who among the following was associated with surpression of Thugs ?
(a) General Henry Prendergast
(b) Captain Sleeman
(c) Alexander Burnes
(d) Captain Robert Pemberton

Q5. Ozone layer in the outer atmosphere helps us in 
(a) reflecting radio waves and makes radio communication possible
(b) regulating the temperature of atmosphere
(c) absorbing cosmic ray particles
(d) absorbing U-V radiations

Q6. Biodiversity is highest in 
(a) Tundra zone
(b) Prairie zone
(c) Torrid zone
(d) Tropic zone

Q7. Fazendas are large coffee plantations in 
(a) Sudan
(b) Brazil
(c) Kenya
(d) USA

Q8. Which of the following countries have an Unwritten Constitution ?
(a) USA
(b) UK
(c) India
(d) Pakistan

Q9. Which one of the following is Human Right as well as a Fundamental Right under the Constitution of India ?
(a) Right to Information
(b) Right to Education
(c) Right to Work
(d) Right to Housing

Q10. Who is the chairman of Second Administrative Reforms Commission ?
(a) Bimal jalan
(b) Karan Singh
(c) M Veerappa Moily
(d) Ahmed Patel

Q11. WTO came into existence at the conclusion of which round of GATT ?
(a) Singapore
(b) Uruguay
(c) Tokyo
(d) Marrakesh

Q12. Kerosene oil rises up in the wick of lantern because of
(a) surface tension
(b) buoyant force of air
(c) diffusion of the oil through the wick
(d) the gravitational pull of the wick

Q13. A water tank appears shallower when it is viewed from top due to 
(a) rectilinear propagation of light
(b) reflection
(c) total internal reflection
(d) refraction

Q14. Myopia is due to
(a) older age
(b) shortening of eye ball
(c) elongation of eye ball
(d) irregular changes in the focal length of the eye lens

Q15. Which one of the following gases is essential for photosynthesis ?
(a) CO
(b) CO¬2
(c) N2
(d) O2


S1. Ans.(b)

S2. Ans.(b)

S3. Ans.(a)

S4. Ans.(b)

S5. Ans.(d)

S6. Ans.(d)

S7. Ans.(b)

S8. Ans.(b)

S9. Ans.(b)

S10. Ans.(c)

S11. Ans.(d)

S12. Ans.(a)

S13. Ans.(d)

S14. Ans.(c)

S15. Ans.(b)

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