Crack SSB: PP-DT| Narration & Group Discussion

PP-DT stands for Picture Perception and Description Test conducted on day one of SSB process after the Intelligence test. The Intelligence tests your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) while PP-DT tests your EQ (Emotional Quotient) and maturity level. As the selection ratio in the screening test is approximately 30%, performance in PP-DT plays a very crucial role.

Each individual is given a minute to narrate his/her story, make sure that you give your best as this is the task which exposes you directly in front of the assesors.


SSB conduct GDs to find out whether you possess the critical qualities/skills to contribute effectively to the goal accomplishment process. Group Discussions are held because life in services is essentially a group activity and working with groups is the most important parameter of being successful as a leader. Apart from that, the candidates are evaluated on the basis of their communication skills, knowledge, leadership skills, listening skills, conceptualizing ability, etc. 

The purpose of the G.D has is to arrive at one common story. Don’t forget this aspect, Your aim should always be to take the discussion towards this aim of one common story. Therefore, you don’t have to keep pressing on your story. You don’t have to keep speaking all the time, let it be sufficient, but when you speak you should have a positive tone and you should speak with authority and logic. Address as many participants as possible and do not get centric towards one or two persons. If you don’t speak, you DON’T stand a chance. The noise level and shouting would be high, you have to be smart enough to be heard.

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