Mathematics Questions for CDS & CAPF: 13th October

Mathematics Questions for CDS & CAPF: 13th October

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on Mathematics questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Defence Examinations. The questions asked in Mathematics Section of most of the defence examinations are based on the topics from Mathematics of Class 11th and 12th. The questions asked in this section are complex and comparatively difficult but once attempted with high accuracy, can fetch you full marks in this section. Also, practice on a daily basis helps one dive into the core concepts of a subject and thus, help her perform to the best of her ability in the real examinations. So, attempt the daily quizzes being provided by Defence Adda and score to the maximum in the Mathematics Section of all sorts of defence examinations.

Q1. Adjacent sides of the rectangular plot are 20meter and 12meter respectively. A dishonest builder in an attempt to make more profit has encroached 2meter of land on all four sides and then by doing the fencing of the entire plot, he sold it to a customer at Rs. 55 sq meter. How much extra money has been made by the builder?
(a) 7620
(b) 6920
(c) 7200
(d) 7920

Q2. Abhaya sell his office at a loss of 10%, if he had sold it for Rs. 245 more he would have gained 25% profit. What will be his gain or loss present if he sold it Rs. 595?
(a) 10%
(b) 25%
(c)  15%
(d) 35%

Q3. Neha’s weight is 140% of Tina’s weight Mina’s weight is 90% of Lina’s weight. Lina’s weight is twice as much as that of Tina. If Neha’s weight is x% of Mina’s weight then x is equal to-
(a) 642/3
(b) 777/9
(c) 90
(d) 1284/7

Q4. Two barges, traveling at 5 & 10 kms per hour, head directly towards each other. They begin at a distance of 20 kms from each other. How far apart are they (in kms) one min before they collide?   
(a) 1/12
(b) 1/4
(c) 1/3
(d) 1/6

Q5. Arun borrowed a sum of Rs. 4000 at 5% pa SI for Ramu. He returned the amount with interest after 2 yrs. Ramu returns to Arun 3% of the total amount returned. How much did Ramu received overall?  
(a) 4168
(b) 4400
(c) 132
(d) 4268


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