General Knowledge Questions for CDS & CAPF: 29th October

General Knowledge Questions for CDS & CAPF: 29th October

Dear Students, Defence Adda is providing you all with this quiz on General Knowledge questions for CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Defence Examinations

Q1. Which one of the following was known as Chalcolithic Age ?
(a) Paleolithic Age 
(b) Neolithic Age
(c) Copper-stone Age
(d) Iron Age

Q2. The city of jaunpur was founded in the memory of 
(a) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
(b) Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq
(c) Feroz Shah Tughlaq
(d) Akbar

Q3. How did the Mughal Emperor jahandar Shah’s reign come to an early end ?
(a) He was deposed by his wazir
(b) He died due to a slip while climbing down steps
(c) He was defeated by his nephew in a battle
(d) He died of sickness due to too much consumption of wine 

Q4. The Hindustan Republican Association was founded to 
(a) set up a Republican Government in Hindustan 
(b) organize Armed Rebellion in India 
(c) Persuade the Indian people to participate in elections 
(d) encourage the Indian youth on to the path of socialism 

Q5. Yakshagana is a famous dance form of which state ? 
(a) Kerala 
(b) Asom
(c) Gujarat
(d) Karnataka

Q6. Which one among the following planets is smaller in size than the Earth ?
(a) Neptune
(b) Venus
(c) Saturn
(d) Uranus

Q7. Which of the following two countries are separated by the 49th parallel ? 
(a) North Korea and South Korea
(b) South Africa and Zimbabwe
(c) USA and Canada
(d) France and Germany

Q8. Article 1 of the Constitution declares India as 
(a) Federal State
(b) Quasi-Federal State
(c) Unitary State
(d) Union of States

Q9. Which Constitutional Amendment deleted the Right to Property from the list of Fundamental Rights ? 
(a) 42nd Amendment
(b) 43rd Amendment
(c) 44th  Amendment
(d) 62nd  Amendment

Q10. Financial Emergency can be declared by applying 
(a) Article 360
(b) Article 361
(c) Article 370
(d) Article 371

Q11. Which one of the following states is the first state to impose Agriculture Income Tax in India ? 
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Paschim Banga
(d) Bihar

Q12. The modulus of rigidity of a liquid is 
(a) zero
(b) infinite
(c) 1
(d) None of these

Q13. The wavelength of the radiation emitted by a body depends upon 
(a) the temperature of the surface 
(b) the area of the surface
(c) the nature of the surface 
(d) All of the above factors 

Q14. White blood cells act
(a) as a defence against infection 
(b) as source of energy
(c) for clotting blood
(d) as a medium for oxygen transport from lung to tissues

Q15. Tendons and ligaments are a kind of 
(a) muscular tissue
(b) connective tissue
(c) epidermal tissue
(d) nervous tissue


S1. Ans.(c)

S2. Ans.(b)

S3. Ans.(c)

S4. Ans.(b)

S5. Ans.(d)

S6. Ans.(b)

S7. Ans.(c)

S8. Ans.(d)

S9. Ans.(c)

S10. Ans.(a)

S11. Ans.(d)

S12. Ans.(a)

S13. Ans.(a)

S14. Ans.(a)

S15. Ans.(b)

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