Tweet Chat Session on 3rd October | #AskAnilNagar

Tweet Chat Session on 3rd October | #AskAnilNagar

Dear Aspirants, 

Every Government Job aspirant who aspires to fulfill his dreams has to go through various ups and downs in his journey. He has various questions and queries which tickle his mind in this journey and he desires that if he gets answers to his questions, he can thrive well in his journey. Mr. Anil Nagar has a vision to help the students in whatever difficulties they face so that they never get distracted from their motive in life.

To help you resolve your queries and questions, we are conducting a twitter chat session with Anil Sir. The session will be conducted  on 3rd October 2018 and will be of half an hour from 4pm to 4:30 pm. During this time we will try to address and answer every question that you ask. In the tough journey of success, nobody can become the best guidance for you other than the one who has been through the same phase to achieve success in Life. Anil Sir is one such person who had achieved great milestones in his life with limited resources available to him. 

Preparation phase is an important phase of our lives and if we are able to get proper guidance from a learned person at this phase of time, we can clear all the hurdles in our path. 

#AskAnilNagar on 3rd Oct, Follow @anilnagr on Twitter

So students, note the time and the date, i.e., 3rd October 2018 4pm to 4:30 pm and ask all your questions and we will try our best to answer all your questions and help you stay motivated to achieve your endeavours in life. 

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