Crack SSB: How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview?


Personal Information Questionnaire form also known as PIQ form is the core of the complete SSB procedure as it is the only thing on which the President/Vice president of the respective board interviews the candidate. The two-page form contains very basic questions related to academics, self, relatives and other miscellaneous such as achievements, hobbies but the form must be filled properly with great attention as it can create further complications during the interview process. Detailed steps on how to fill PIQ form is provided in the video.
This video has been made by a recommended candidate of SSC (tech) entry. Stay put for more tests been conducted in SSB.

It is equivalent to a resume in the corporate world which is a reflection of your personality. This form is available with the psychologist and with the interviewing officer. Now, to display yourself as an officer like material you must know yourself and you must project yourself well throughout the PIQ while substantiating otherwise if there is a gap between what you claim and what you actually express, you are going to damage your own chances. Each candidate has to fill three copies of PIQs which is further distributed to the officers evaluating them. Listen to the testers carefully when they brief you about the PIQ form and how to fill them.
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