Discrepancy In Air Force Group X&Y Examination


Air force group X&Y examination held by Indian Air Force has witnessed massive rigging in the entrance examination on 14th September.  

According to the news published in Amar Ujala, In the ongoing online examination for recruitment of technical posts in the Air Force of Haryana, two people have been caught by logging the computer system using the computer server with the computer server. Five laptops have been found from them. The police has arrested both the accused, while three absconders including the Academy Director are absconding. In the case five cases have been registered. On Thursday, a special team of Air Force Police raided Shrikrishna Online Solution located bypass and disclosed the duplicate gang.

The gang's henchmen were duplicate with the Academy using the technology from the roof room of the private hospital. The examination was being done on Thursday for recruitment of various technical posts in Air Force. For this, the examination center was built in ShriKrishna Online Solution. At the center the candidates were gathering from the morning. This cycle continued till the evening. The reason for this was being examined in different batches. The Air Force Police Special Team reached Rohtak in the morning with its commanding officer after getting an online examination of computer system access to duplicate. Academy Director is absconding The police started investigating in the case.

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