Defence Exercises of Indian Armed Forces: Indian Army

The term Military exercise is basically a large-scale activity involving military forces from multiple countries or commands, designed to demonstrate the level of alliance between those forces and their ability to coordinate, as a signal to potential military adversaries. It is also considered as a measure to check the power as the ultimate yardstick of national power is military capability. Here we will give you an insight of various exercises conducted by Indian Army.


Participating Countries- India and United States
Exercise Yudh Abhyas was designed to exercise the Peace-keeping operations skills of the military units as a collective unit under a single authority alternately held by the two countries. Yudh Abhyas is a bi-lateral, brigade level, U.N.-modeled peace-keeping support operation in which U.S. military personnel work hand-in-hand with the Indian military. The first joint Yudh Abhyas was held in the year 2002 and is being conducted on a regular basis since then. The recent exercise was Yudh Abhyas XIII which was conducted from 14th to 27th September 2017 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. The participating unit(s) from indian army was 2/11 Gorkha Rifles  from the Surya Command contingent and from The United States were 5th Infantry Battalion of 20 Infantry Regiment and 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. It was a  two-week exercise, soldiers from both countries will demonstrate their tactical skills in counter terror and counter insurgency operations under a joint brigade headquarter. 

Participating Countries- India and Mangolia
Exercise Nomadic Elephant is designed with an aim to train the troops in Counter Insurgency & Counter Terrorism Operations (CICT Ops) under the United Nations mandate. It also seeks to promote military associations between India and Mongolia.   The first joint Nomadic Elephant was held in the year 2004 and is conducted annualy since then. The recent exercise was Nomadic Elephant XII which was conducted from 5th to 18th April 2017 at Vairengte in Mizoram. Vairengte houses Indian Army’s elite Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School.The participating unit(s) from indian army was Jammu & Kashmir Rifles contingent and from Mangolia was Special Forces Task Battalion. It was a two week exercise. 

Participating Countries- India and Nepal
Exercise Surya Kiran is held to enhance the level of defence cooperation which will further strengthen the bilateral relations between india and nepal. Exercise SURYA KIRAN is a biannual event which is conducted alternatively in Nepal and India. The aim of this exercise is to conduct battalion level joint training with focus on counter terrorism operations in mountainous terrain The recent exercise was SURYA KIRAN XIII which was conducted from 30 May to 12 June 2018 at Pithoragarh. Exercise SURYA KIRAN with Nepal is the largest in terms of troop participation.

Participating Countries- India and Indonesia
Exercise Garud Shakti is held to share the experiences in counter terrorism operations, close quater combat and other areas of special operations. The recent exercise was GARUDA SHAKTI 6  which was held in bandung.

Participating Countries- India and Maldives
It is a bilateral exercise held between India and Maldives with the aim to conduct military training between armies of both countries with focus on counter insurgency, counter terrorism operation.The recent exercise was the eigth edition of EKUVERIN conducted in Belagavi, Karnataka.

Participating Countries- India and Sri Lanka
It is a bilateral exercise held between India and Sri Lanka with the aim to exchange best of military practices of two countries and build strong military-to-military relations.

Participating Countries- India and Thailand
It is joint Joint platoon level military exercise between India and Thailand and was conducted in Thailand from 6 to 19 August 2018. The main aim is to evolve drills and procedures involved in counter insurgency & counter terrorist operations in urban, rural and jungle terrain under United Nations mandate.

Participating Countries- India and Malaysia
Exercise HARIMANU SHAKTI is the first ever bilateral military exercise between India and Malaysia.This exercise was held from 30 April to 13 May 2018 in Malaysia. The main aim was to focus on tactical operations in jungle warfare. Counter insurgency operations were conducted in jungle terrain.

Participating Countries- India and The United States
Exercise VAJRA PRAHAR is the bilateral exercise conducted between India and The United States. It was held at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) in Seattle in third week of January. The aim of the exercise is to promote military relations between the two countries by enhancing interoperability and mutual exchange of tactics between Special Forces. 

Participating Countries- India and Kyrgyzstan
Exercise KHANJAR is a bilateral exercise conducted between India and Kyrgyzstan.The aim of the exercise is to promote military relations between the two countries by enhancing interoperability and mutual exchange of tactics between Special Forces.5th Special Forces joint training exercise  exercise was held at Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School, Variengte.The two week long exercise focused on jungle warfare training, jungle survival and special heliborne ops was concluded on March 29.


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