Defence Exercises of Indian Armed Forces: Indian Air Force

Defence Exercises of Indian Armed Forces: Indian Air Force

The term Military exercise is basically a large-scale activity involving military forces from multiple countries or commands, designed to demonstrate the level of alliance between those forces and their ability to coordinate, as a signal to potential military adversaries. It is also considered as a measure to check the power as the ultimate yardstick of national power is military capability. Here we will give you an insight of various exercises conducted by Indian Air Force.


Participating Countries- India and Singapore
Exercise SINDEX was conducted between Indian Air Force and Republic of Singapore Air Force at Air Force station Kalaikunda ,West Bengal from 23rd November 2007 to 13 December 2007. The aim of the exercise was to facilitate own training of RSAF from Kalakunda before joint/ integrated part of exercise with MiG-27 ac of 18 Sqn AF with an objective to enhance mutual operational understanding between IAF and RSAF.Sindex-07 offered close interaction between the Aircrew and controllers of IAF and RSAF.

Participating Countries- Multinational Exercise
Exercise REDFLAG was a multinational exercise and Indian Air Force participated at the invitation of United States Air Force (USAF). The exercise was held at Nelis Air Force base, US from 9th to 23rd August 2008. It was a combat oriented exercise.

Participating Countries- India and The United States
Exercise COPE INDIA was held at Agra which is a major transport base of HQ Central Air Command of IAF between IAF and USAF from 19th October to 23rd October 2009. The main aim was low level tactical routing in a simulated hostile scenario and the joint planning and execution of mission personnel.

Participating Countries- India and United Kingdom
Indo-UK fighter exercise INDRADHANUSH was successfully conducted at 5 Wing from 18 Oct to 03 Nov 2010. This was the first exercise with the Eurofighter (Typhoon) in India. The exercise included Typhoon, E-3D operating from KKD and VC-10 operating from Kolkata. This was also the first International exercise where Indian AWACS was utilised for controlling of missions. Joint planning was carried out by the White Force of IAF and RAF and a scenario was created for conduct of the missions.

Participating Countries- India and Singapore
Exercise JMT-12, with Republic of Singapore AF, was conducted from 22 Oct 12 to 30 Nov 2012 at AF Stn Kalaikunda. During the JMT-12 the RSAF detachment mostly carried out unilateral flying except for a three day exercise with Su-30 MKi ac of 2 Sqn. Lt Col Lim Kok Hong, CO 145 Sqn. RSAF was the Det Cdr of the RSAF contingent.

Participating Countries- Multinational Exercise
Exercise Pitch Black is a biennial warfare exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Air Force. The exercise is normally held in Northern Australia, primarily at RAAF Bases Darwin and Tindal. PITCH BLACK-2018 was held from 24th July to 18th August 2018

This exercise was held from 10th April to 23rd April 2018. The day and night exercise, was being conducted along Pakistan border in the Western areas. The forces switched to China border in the Northern areas then. It was the largest exercise of the Indian Air Force in three decades.The scale of the exercise can be gauged from the fact that just from Air Force more than 300 officers and more than 15,000 airmen have been mobilised. Joint operations scenario with the Army and the Navy are part of this exercise. The main was to conduct all terrain operations - desert, high altitude, maritime scenarios and special operations- in the real time. More than 5000 sorties were performed in the span of mere 3 days.

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