Biology Questions for NDA, CDS & CAPF: 20th August

Biology Questions for NDA, CDS & CAPF: 20th August

Dear Aspirants, Biology is an important subject for various exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Police Exams. Here at Defence Adda we provide you with the quizzes based on the syllabus and pattern of these exams. The questions asked are of 10th level and preparing with a wide variety of questions will only help you in these exams. Here is a quiz based on the latest syllabus of these exams based on topics like Diseases, Vitamins and Minerals, Cell Theory etc to help you prepare with a wide variety of questions. 

Q1.Which of the following cell secret insulin–
(a) α-cell
(b) δ-cell
(c) β-cell
(d) Nerve cell 

Q2.Which of the following gland is responsible for the secretion of insulin?
(a) Pituitary
(b) Pineal 
(c) Thymus 
(d) Pancreases 

Q3.Insulin is discovered by –
(a) Linak
(b) Batting & Best 
(c) Jenner 
(d) Waksman 

Q4.Islets of Langerhans is situated in –
(a) Spleen 
(b) Brain 
(c) Pancreas 
(d) Liver

Q5.Hormone insulin is a–
(a) Glycolipid 
(b) Fatty acid 
(c) Peptide 
(d) Sterol 

Q6.Number of muscles found in human body–
(a) 600
(b) 630
(c) 639
(d) 653

Q7.Strongest muscle of man found in –
(a) Wrist 
(b) Finger 
(c) Jaw 
(d) Leg 

Q8.Which of the following organ have its own wave of autonomic excitation.
(a) Heart 
(b) Kindney 
(c) Liver 
(d) Intestine 

Q9.A person feel fatigued due to deposition of a acid in their muscles is –
(a) Lactic Acid 
(b) Ureic acid 
(c) Citric 
(d) Pyruvic acid 

Q10.Cornea is an important part of –
(a) Ear 
(b) Nose 
(c) Kidney 
(d) Eye

1. Ans.(c)
2. Ans.(d)
3. Ans.(b)
4. Ans.(c)
5. Ans.(c)
6. Ans.(c)
7. Ans.(c)
8. Ans.(a)
9. Ans.(a)
10. Ans.(d)

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