Biology Questions for NDA, CDS & CAPF: 17th August

Biology Questions for NDA, CDS & CAPF: 17th August


Dear Aspirants, Biology is an important subject for various exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CAPF and other Police Exams. Here at Defence Adda we provide you with the quizzes based on the syllabus and pattern of these exams. The questions asked are of 10th level and preparing with a wide variety of questions will only help you in these exams. Here is a quiz based on the latest syllabus of these exams based on topics like Diseases, Vitamins and Minerals, Cell Theory etc to help you prepare with a wide variety of questions. 

Q1. Match List-I (Organelle) with List-II (Common names) and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists —

Q2. The largest amount of physical and chemical molecules present in the cells is 
(a) Carbohydrates 
(b) Proteins 
(c) Lipids 
(d) Nucleic acids 

Q3. The richest source of vitamin A are 
(a) Green peas and beans 
(b) Pepper and potato 
(c) Tomato and onion 
(d) Pumpkin and carrots 

Q4. Consider the following cell organelles of the organisms 
I. Mitochondria 
II. Chloroplasts 
III. Endoplasmic reticulum 
Which of the ones given above is/are semi-autonomous organelle(s) ? 
(a) All of these
(b) I and II
(c) II and III
(d) Only II

Q5. Consider the following statements 
I. Chloroplast is known as “cell within cell organelle”. 
II. Chloroplast is the largest cell organelle found in plant cells. 
III. Chloroplasts have single stranded extra-chromosomal DNA.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ? 
(a) All of these  
(b) I and II
(c) I and III
(d) Only II

Q6. Match List-I (Endocrine Gland) with List-II (Position in body) and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists —

Q7. Antigens are present 
(a) Inside the nucleus 
(b) On the nuclear membrane
(c) Inside the cytoplasm 
(d) On the cell surface 

Q8. Consider the following functions of Xylem
I. Conduction of water
II. Conduction of minerals 
III. Mechanical support
Which of the functions of xylem given above is/are correct ? 
(a) Only I
(b) I, II and III
(c) II and III
(d) Only III

Q9. Kidney stones are mainly formed by which of the following compound 
(a) Sodium chloride 
(b) Silicates 
(c) Calcium bicarbonates 
(d) Calcium oxalate 

Q10. The mad-cow disease in cattle is caused by 
(a) Virus 
(b) Bacteria 
(c) Protozoa 
(d) Prion 


S1. Ans.(b)

S2. Ans.(b)

S3. Ans.(d)

S4. Ans.(b)

S5. Ans.(a)

S6. Ans.(a)

S7. Ans.(d)

S8. Ans.(b)

S9. Ans.(d)

S10. Ans.(d)

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